we have a long experience in supplying complete range of Field Instrumentations requiered by diverse industries. Our clients include end-users and EPC contractors from Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Steel, Mining and Power plant sectors.

Our team of highly skilled instrumentation engineers between them, have average of 10 years of experience in those areas of expertise. Our knowledge span over a very wide range of products offered by major instrumentation manufacturers. On the basis of that knowledge and experience, we have the unique position to serve our customers by offering a comprehensive range of services. Those services can commence with site visits and  selection of technically and economically optimum solutions to customers requirements, and conclude with installation, commissioning and training of their technicians.

We offer the following Field Instrumentation services:

  • Procurement engineering
  • Project Design
  • Supply
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Test and Calibration
  • Training and after sale services

We supply and support full range of instrumentation from world renowned manufactures and from clients "Approved Vendor Lists"

The range of equipment we supply consist of the following:

  • Transmitters, including: Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level & Vibration measuring systems
  • Switches, including: Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level & Vibration
  • Temperature, Pressure, Flow & Level Indicators
  • PH, ORP, Conductivity, Analyzers



Novin Danesh Ayandeh is the pioneer for design and supply of thermal monitoring equipment for industrial rotary kilns in Iran

Our infrared scanner systems have been in operation in more than 40 cement factories

Over the years we have constantly updated our products to be able to offer improved solution of thermal views including larger view angles and improved scanning speed to 25Hz as well as communication with the control room via fiber optic lines under Ethernet Protocol

We offer complete range of thermal cameras and other thermal monitoring products manufactured by Gesotec GmbH of Germany

In addition to IR-SCANNERs we offer the following equipment manufactured by GESOTEC GmbH

  • wide range of thermal imaging cameras with capability of producing full visible and thermal views of inside of the kilns
  • Kilns' hand-held fixed Pyrometer, producing image & temperature information.

We offer full engineering services and consultancy with relation to erection and commissioning of all equipment supplied by us as well as comprehensive after sales services.