ABADAN Oil Refinery

End user: ABADAN Oil Refining Company

Date of contract: 2006 

Project Status: Finished

Boiler Specification:

Number of Boilers:                                 4

Number of Burners:                               9 per boiler

Type of Fuel:                                          Fuel oil/Natural Gas

Rated Power:                                         80 t/h

Maximum Working Pressure:               25.2 bar

Superheated Steam Temperature:       440 °C

ABADAN Oil refinery (cont`d)

Description of Work

The scope of work, consisting of Design, supply of equipment, fabrication, commissioning & performance test.

The project include:

1- Control panels, 20 sets with 2000 I/O signals (BMS & BCS)

2- Piping 20,000 dia-inch and associated control ,on-off and hand operated valves

3- Burners, 36 sets

4- Cabling, 24 km and associated cable tray & accessories

5- Instrumentation: around 270 sets

 6- Air driers & fans